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*Restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offers. Offer expires 3/31/23.

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You deserve a better yard!


Artificial Grass

US Turf’s expertise and professionalism is proven through each and every turf installation we do. We handle small jobs similar to residential areas and we even tackle large scale areas for daycares, colleges, churches, playgrounds and so much more.

Porcelain Installation

Are you looking for a way to transform your backyard oasis into something more luxurious. Genuine Italian porcelain pavers are the perfect option to showcase your yard! Our porcelain is imported from Italy and has an outstanding quality which can’t be beat. You pick it and we’ll install it!

Rock Installation

Look into adding a timeless feature to your landscaping with decorative rock. Whether you need a small amount of decorative rock or a whole side yard, we have exactly what you need.

We have a variety of rocks to choose from with different sizes, colors and styles.

Dog Runs

Dog runs are specifically designed with your furry friends in mind. They are typically a longer strip of artificial turf on the side of your house so your pet has its own space to go to the bathroom. It also serves as a play area so the rest of the family can utilize the other turf without the worry of stepping on or near any mess!

Planters (Raised or in Ground)

Planters are a great way to add a charming conversation piece to your yard while showcasing lush foliage or flowers. Planters can also serve as a way to give your fruits, vegetables or herbs the special attention they need.

Paver Installation

Not only are pavers exceptional for walkways, they are also a great way to extend your patio area. Pavers add a clean and sophisticated look to your property. You even have the option to choose from a variety of sizes, colors and styles.


Picking the best plants to arrange for your landscaping can be tough. It’s hard choosing the best plants for your zone and knowing what will survive and what won’t. We take the tough part out so all you have to worry about is the fun of choosing what you like!


Here at US Turf, we put our customers first and pride ourselves in making customers happy and satisfied. Let us help and guide you in transforming your space, anything you have in mind for your yard we will make happen.

Recently Completed Projects

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artificial grass in the front yard of a house
artificial grass in a back yard shaped like a triangle. brick wall in the back.
big green artificial turf covering a large back yard.
artificial grass surrounding puka lava in a front yard of a house
artificial turf in a beautiful back yard. gazebo in the background.

Not sure you are ready? We offer financing!

We offer 0% Interest for 6 months subject to credit approval through Foundation Finance Company (FFC).

Many other plans are offered upon receiving the approval letter through FFC. 0% interest applies for jobs under $15,000.00.

So... what are you waiting for?


How much does artificial grass cost?

The cost of artificial grass ranges depending on the size of the property you are covering but can run from $2,500 to $7,000 and more. If the cost to put down artificial grass seems high, then you’ll be happy to know the long run investment is worth it! Think about it, you will no longer need to invest in pricy lawn care services, fertilizers, weed control, pesticides and more. Not only will you save money on products and services, you will also save your valuable time by not wasting it on your lawn.

The price will also differ on the exact type of artificial grass you choose and, of course, the labor cost.

How long does artificial grass last?

With proper care, synthetic grass can last up to 25 years. The good news is, proper care for synthetic grass doesn’t take too much effort. Synthetic grass can be quite hardy, especially when investing in a good brand.

That is 25 years of saving money on fertilizer, pesticides and lawn services. Synthetic grass lasts quite a while and can add many benefits to your yard.

Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Pet owners may worry what they should do when their dogs leave, well, waste behind on their crisp and clean artificial grass. Some artificial grass is made specifically with your furry friends in mind. Animal pee and feces can easily be hosed to clear any mess. Any worry this may cause can easily be fixed.

Our Crystal and Crystal+ artificial grass is perfect and meant for your household pets.

Does artificial grass require maintenance?

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance. By far, much less maintenance than real grass. You can easily save your time and money with artificial grass when the only maintenance you need to worry about is hosing it off or investing in OxyTurf cleaner.

OxyTurf cleaner will help prevent any bacteria and odors which may be festering in the artificial grass.

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